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Bottom Painting Service

$85 Per foot: (For boats that have been bottom painted before) Your old paint will be soda blasted completely off, then 2 new coats of paint will be applied.
$85 Per foot: (For boats that have not been bottom painted) This will get you complete soda blasting for any algae, barnacles, stains, and other discoloration. Two new coats of paint will also be applied. 
$80 Per foot: This gets you a pressure washed hull, then 2 new coats of paint.

*Prices may vary depending on boat*

We proudly use ONLY Interlux Micron CSC Paint!

(Micron CSC Paint included in our price per foot)

-All boats are hand sanded and two coats are applied to each boat.

-Pick up and delivery services are available both to and from your dock.

-We also offer Pressure Washing, starting at $25 per foot!